Published Date : 2019-05-23 (Modified Date : 2019-05-23)

Main Activities

  • To formulate and enforce policies, plans and programs on construction and development of surface, water, railway and ropeway transportation.
  • To carry out acts on construction, operation and maintenance of roads (excluding mule tracks) and bridges (excluding suspension bridges).
  • To carry out construction works of various surface roads, waterways and ropeways and act as an organization and institution dealing with engineering consultancy.
  • To carry out acts pertaining to contact and co-operation with international or regional organizations in the field of housing and physical planning.
  • To carry out acts pertaining to contact with international organizations related with construction of highways, waterways and ropeways.


Contact Info

Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport

SinghaDurbar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone : +977-1-4211732/ 4211931/4211655/ 4211603/ 4211880

Fax :+977-1-4211720



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